Why Snapchat Wants To Unleash Its Content Everywhere

An end of year reveals that Snapchat is at work building a feature that will allow people to share content created within its closed app elsewhere on the web.

Called “Stories Everywhere,” the new product—still in early development—is a marked departure from Snapchat’s original aim, which was to send ephemeral content to friends via a closed network. The news comes close behind an announcement that Snapchat would be in early 2018.

Cheddar’s Alex Heath reports that the project is being led by , former CEO of Storyful ( in 2013), and is designed as a way to grow Snapchat’s user base. Similar to Twitter’s move to allow for embeddable tweets outside of its own platform in 2011, Stories Everywhere will expose Snapchat’s library of UGC to outside websites and apps for the first time ever.

The key benefits for Snapchat with this move are two-fold. As Heath explains, Stories Everywhere allows publishers to showcase UGC around breaking news, sports, concerts, and more, thereby exposing the platform’s content to potential new users. Secondly, the product would allow third-parties to embed curated collections (“Our Stories”) and allow Snapchat to earn revenue by licensing content within new distribution channels.

Moreover, Snapchat’s content team will undergo a restructure in 2018. Per Cheddar, the team’s specific goals are to increase Discover content, expand distribution, and prioritize news as a key vertical.

You can view Cheddar’s full report .

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