Take 10: 10 Tips for Creating Quality Video on Your Smartphone

Smartphones have made it simple for just about anyone to create video. There are inexpensive apps that let you capture, edit, and publish beautiful videos straight from your phone. But, despite the ease of use and accessibility of these apps and tools, many brands are still reluctant to incorporate video into their marketing strategies.

In just 10 minutes, we’ll share simple, straight-to-the-point tips for creating high-quality video using your smartphone. From shooting to sharing, you’ll leave with actionable tactics you can put to use right away.


Rocky Walls is CEO and co-founder of Indianapolis-based 12 Stars Media, a video communications company. With more than 12 years of experience in digital content creation, he’s an expert in communications strategy. His company provides video production, strategy, and consultation to brands around the world. Rocky has also spoken at Microsoft HQ and Walt Disney World.

Who Should Attend?

Marketers who want to learn how to shoot, edit, and incorporate video into their marketing.

What Will You Learn?

By the end of this Take 10, you’ll be able to:

  • Shoot quality video using your smartphone
  • Edit your videos to be more effective
  • Prevent mistakes during the recording process

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