Digital Marketing Has Never Been This Easy

You want effective digital marketing that produces real results, without the complications of a traditional digital agency and without the high prices and long-term contracts

Trusted Digital Marketing

Until now, buying digital marketing services such as pay-per-click (PPC) or Facebook marketing has been expensive, and often hit-and-miss. With so many agencies that promise the world and deliver little. At Vortex, we’re here to change the game.Elevate


We do things
a little differently

Fixed Price

Our primary services are always available at a fixed price. No "custom quotes", no haggling and total transparency.


We don't believe in keeping secrets. We provide a detailed specification for everything we do so you will always know EXACTLY what you are getting.

Proven Results

Our service has been field tested with thousands of campaigns. We know what works, and we stay on the cutting edge so that you will always be a step ahead.

Fast Turnaround

Speed matters, and we want to deliver results to you as quickly as possible. That's our goal. We will always deliver as fast as we can but never at the cost of quality.

Simple Reporting

You shouldn't need a PhD to read your marketing reports, yet often it feels like you do. Our jargon-free reporting tools, focus on the things you really need to know.


Our service to you, should require little or no effort on your part (it's one of our key goals). So, you should need little support, but when you do, where here for you.

A New Type of Agency For Businesses Like Yours

Smart business owners expect more than ever from their digital marketing agencies.  Agencies though are struggling to keep up, stuck in the old ways of custom work, one-off projects and failing to transfer learnings and skills from one client to another.

We believe that it doesn’t have to be this way.  Business owners deserve better and they should get better.  That’s why we’ve built Vortex Digital rather differently and it’s all about getting the best outcomes for you.

Easy to choose fixed price services

Transparency you can trust. No smoke and mirrors

Every service you choose, amplifies the results of every other one

Always proven, we learn at scale and you benefit automatically


Our team has experience building multiple digital marketing services. We poured all our experience into Elevate Social


Our services

Lead Gen

Our experts are so good that we can guarantee you'll get plenty of high quality leads to go around! We only serve certain niches.

Omni Targeting

Be ever present to your prospects. Wherever they go online they see you. Turn one website visit to hundreds of touch points.

Elevate Pages

Website traffic is only as valuable as the page that your prospects see. Our landing pages convert the highest number of visitors to leads.

Smart PPC Campaigns

Our mission is to provide you with the most effective paid media strategy as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Elevate Site Builder

Our dead simple DIY drag n' drop site builder with AI built in. Mobile optimized, SEO Friendly, with beautiful templates for any business.

Elevate Tech Solutions

Convert more site visitors by engaging them with live chat, chatbots, lead gen pop ups, viral giveaways and more!

1200 +
10 M+
50 K+
6000 +